If you’re one of the lucky 1 million people visiting Berlin every month, you’ll definitely find a lot of touristic things to do to. When you’re done with the sightseeing and museum tours, here are five cool things to try before you leave…

  1. Embassy district

In most cities you visit, usually no one will recommend you go check out other countries’ embassy buildings but Berlin is not most cities and there’s nothing usual about this area! Close to the Zoo (on Tiergartenstraße and Hirsoshimastraße) you will find a real-life architecture lesson on how to build a little piece of home in a foreign country. A lot of locals are familiar with the architects behind these projects, the majority created after 1999, but even if you didn’t have the time to read about it in details, do this – when you enter the street, try guessing which building belongs to which country. Most of them are really easy because they’ll remind you so much of the place they represent.

  1. Potsdam

Obviously the point of your trip is Berlin but a real traveler would appreciate the opportunity to make a quick and laidback detour to see a city founded in the VII century. Potsdam is just 24km from Berlin and is very easily reachable by train (takes about 20min and approx. 10EUR one way) or subway (S-Bahn takes 35min. from Berlin Central Station to Potsdam, 3.30EUR for a single ticket – you need zone ABC to Potsdam). If you can spare a day, go and see the place that mesmerized Roman emperors, Prussian kings and German Kaisers. It has a lot to offer too – the Sanssouci park with its 4 palaces, amazing gardens and a China teahouse; the Old Market square, a Dutch quarter of about 150 houses with unique architecture and last but not least – their very own Brandenburg Gate.

  1. Die Welt balloon

Okay, there are a lot of ways to see a city – some have dungeons, some have boat trips, open roof buses – you name it. But to see a city from above is a whole other level of coolness. And not rooftop above, but a real 150m-above-all-tourists sightseeing experience. All the beautiful parks, buildings and squares you walked around – it’s time to turn them into your own magnificent view for the day! More info and booking – here.

  1. Make your own beer

Admit that when you heard about Berlin beer kind of crossed your mind for a little bit! So we thought. Of course, you don’t come to Germany to try all the popular brands you can have at home, when you’re done tasting the German bestsellers here’s an idea – make your own brand! Naturally, there are a lot of microbreweries, tours and tastings but how much fun is it to create your own? Many places offer the possibility to bottle or label it, but you can also book a 6-hour workshop at Flessa Brau (don’t worry food and drinks are included so you can enjoy the 6-hour process of becoming the beer master!)

  1. Make your own chocolate

And now for the desert – chocolate! Yes, you’ve heard about Belgian chocolate and we all know it’s good but you’re in Germany now so jump in the choco-world of Ritter Sport in Berlin! In their Berlin flagship store you will learn a lot about cocoa and chocolate, you can have a choco-drink in the coffee bar upstairs or you can make your own chocolate! Fear not – unlike the beer brewing, here don’t have to actually make it yourself – you name your favorite flavors and the RitterSport chocolatiers will turn them into a new type of chocolate especially for you! Yummy!

photo credit: Welt/Axel Springer


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